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Our next meeting is on Saturday 6th October at the Immunisation Rooms, Little Street, Toowoomba starting at  1pm

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Events, upcoming events, links and our Annual Clivia Show in September of each year

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Toowoomba Clivia Society Inc

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Secretary 0407 336 940

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Membership of the Toowoomba Clivia Society Inc

Details of how to become a member!

Cultural Hints by Brian Steven

Brian advises on how to look after the Clivias throughout each season, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. His articles will appear within the website and in the Member's only quarterly professional Newsletter.

The History of Clivia

There are many articles that indicate the history of Clivia including from the Clivia Society of South Africa.

Annual Clivia Show in Toowoomba

In September of each year, and during the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, the Toowoomba Clivia Society hold a Clivia Show that indeed confirms Toowoomba as the Clivia Capital of Australia. Buses and Buses of visitors converge on our Show every year since they began in 2007.

Information on the growing of Clivias

Growing Clivia from seeds, seedlings and adult plants requires an in-depth knowledge of the Clivia and its different properties and species. WE begin to pass on this knowledge to those who have been bitten by the bug to grow and love them.

Clivia Reference Library

The Internet provides a plethora of information on the species of plant that had its beginnings in South Africa in the 1800s'. We will pass on some information but also pass on links to the sources of Clivia information that exists around the world including Europe, China, Japan, North America, USA and New Zealand.

2015/10th Anniversary Toowoomba Clivia Society Annual Show

Love the background music

2016 Toowoomba Clivia Society Annual Clivia Show

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful

2017 Toowoomba Clivia Society Annual Clivia Show

Beautiful examples of the Clivia genera

2018 Toowoomba Clivia Society Annual Clivia Show Information

Charities supported by Toowoomba Clivia Society Inc.

The History of the Clivia

Clivia Information Links

Frequently Asked Questions on Clivia genera

YouTube Channels on the Clivia